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The Future of Web Design Trends 2017

The end of 2016 is around the corner. The digital industry is growing very fast and with the continuous advancement in web technologies, it is becoming more competitive than ever. To make your business stand out, make sure your website is designed with the current web design trends. Being a developer you need to keep on learning and improving new skills to meet the expectations of your clients.

In this article, we will give you some insights of future web design trends for the year 2017.

1. Mobile First Design

Many of you are familiar with the term mobile-first design. As the name suggests, we must focus on the mobile devices first then move to the bigger ones. Nowadays, a website must be responsive to all screen types as the pure desktop website has been punished by Google. Google has provided a new online tool that is more informative than the old one.

A Test with the New Tool:


2. Website Speed

Another most important thing which will surely buzz in 2017 is the website’s optimization for extremely fast loading times. Google has suggested a speed limit of 1.5 seconds for a website’s entire loading process to be completed.


3. Interactive Story Telling

Though Interactive storytelling is very complex, But It offers a smooth website design experience to the user. Each scroll tells a story about the products and services it offers and changes the screen content.


4. Micro Mini Interactions

The term microinteractions refers to the product interactions based on singular tasks such as pressing a button, setting an alarm, or clicking “Like”. Visiting Facebook or LinkedIn allows you to engage with dozens of microinteractions, most of which are invisible or too small to be noticeable.


5. Handcrafted Illustrations

Native images have been trending for a while now. They cover the entire screen space, creating a unique visitor experience.it is highly recommended you use a Handmade, original illustrations which has a much higher recognition value, and clearly show where the future will head to.

Some Examples:


6. Widespread utilization of rapid prototyping tools

Rapid prototyping tools suchas, UXpin, Webflow, InVision and Marvel allow programmers to quickly create fidelity prototypes of sites and services to guide them create something aesthetic, all without writing a single line of code. Some allow you to design in the browser and even launch the website itself right from the tool.

7. Video


Video backgrounds are getting more popular via premium themes available to purchase –if you belong to some industry it’s good to take a video yourself – as stock videos are quite expensive.

8. Centered and/or Split Content

Centered content is the most useful design trend these days. The main message is displayed in the center of the screen and creates a dramatic visual effect. Split content focuses on the content which has been divided into two areas, giving the designers more creative freedom.



No doubt, you are going to see a lot of exciting things in the coming year 2017. Hopefully, this article helps you create a web design strategy based on these significant trends. If you think I have forgotten something, feel free to leave a comment in the section below.

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Rules of Basic Web Design Criteria


Nowadays it is quite easy to find designers for designing a website. To find a professional designer, who is aware of web design practices, is a very tedious task. If you want to place yourself in the top of search engine result, you’ll need to stay up to date with the latest web standards in the field.

Following the best practices on every interface design project will put you way ahead of your competitors who simply fire off designs without going through the variety of details that go into the creation of an interface. Here we will discuss some rules of web designing are as follows:

1. Know Your Audience:

The most important thing is that how to create a fantastic website that meets the user expectation. If you are planning on launching a website, know your target audience, what they want in future? What do they accept from you?

If you want to attract the audience, you must give a clear picture in front of them. If you’re a bit lost at this point, analyze the competition in your way that may help you kick start the creative web design process. Having the knowledge of websites which are at the top in your niche, what colors and layout they are using may help you create something unique.

The designer chooses the design patterns that user are comfortable with and easily put those into your website, which you can then differentiate with your own take on their need. Once you’ve identified your audience, you can test how your design plays out among them and take their feedback into account. Actionable feedback from your desired target audience is incredibly valuable, so get it and use it!

2. Keep Things Simple and Consistent:


The user shouldn’t need a map to navigate through your app or website, and as an interface designer, you must provide your user an easy way to browse through the pages and guide them where they need to go.You can also use many elements such as colors, typography, feedback messages, and visual hierarchies and so on.

3. Implement a Visual Hierarchy:

The most important aspect of an interface should be highlighted to attract visitors, and with the help of an endless array of the design process, we can achieve this effect.

4. Make Good Use of Typography:

Another decorous way to establish a visual hierarchy is through the use of typography. This is not a simple task to choose a font. Every font has a personality, so to speak, and your picks should be influenced by your audience.

5. Use Color and Contrast Properly

Picking out the right colors for any given design is a science itself. In this article, we are talking about the choice of colors that grab the attention of the user. Generally, colors can be used for visual hierarchy, establish a relationship between elements and for grabbing the attention of the user. When working on web design project we need to maintain some uniformity of colors to improve the overall user experience.

As the web industry continues to grow and with the explosion of web-enabled devices, we need to learn more about the responsive web development in order to improve the user experience and to grow our business as well.

Surefire Tips to Develop a Successful Android App

According to recent research, more than a thousand apps are released each year on the android platforms related to games, business, and education, lifestyle, entertainment apps and so on.

Surefire Tips to Develop a Successful Android App

In order to stand out from the crowd on the Google play store, you have to come up with a unique android app idea. There is no doubt, the apps can play as one of the powerful platforms for promoting your business and sales. It will increase business reach and accessibility across various mobile devices. Therefore, organizations are hiring skilled android app developers who can create a custom app based on the user needs. However, not all apps get success, some fail to make an impact due to their poor UI design.

Here are few steps you must consider to ensure an app’s success:

1. Having a Concept and Idea

For any business, it is necessary to analyze your app idea first, determine how it is related to your business. Use your imagination to hold on to customers. Choose the platform you want to use to launch your app.

2. Understanding the Market

Do not rush into things as android is a bigger platform than any other mobile platforms. By understanding the market, you will be able to create an app with quality content and easy navigation. All features should be simple and easy to understand.

3. Pre-Design Efforts

Once you have the clear idea about your app, and the purpose behind it. It’s time to start preparing a blueprint of the app, including features, designs and technical specifications in hand. It is a very important step so that each and everything things which are entailed in pen and paper should be strictly followed –up.

4. Focus on Conveying the Needed Features

At this stage, you can remove the unwanted features to improve the user experience. Make clarity in conveying your app idea, draw what is relevant and important, add required features, and take references so that you will come up with a great plan for your app.

5. App Design and Development

It is the most crucial phase, you must hire a professional android app development firm, who can write lines of codes as per the design and predefined specifications using the current –end technologies.

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Tips for Launching a Successful Mobile App

Tips for Launching a Successful Mobile App

The app development business has become more critical over the years, just bringing an app to the app stores will not work unless you get a large burst of downloads.

Keep in mind, the download rates can influence your app’s search ranking.Therefore, you need to plan your launch with a goal to get a lot of downloads in a shorter time period.

In this article, we will give you some insights to help you have a successful app launch –

Step 1: Define Success

If you are planning to launch a mobile app, you need to measure some goals around your launch. Measuring success around your active install rate tells you the number of ratings you receive, your average rating in the app market and the revenue generated from the app.

Step 2: Claim Your Social Media Accounts

You can use social media accounts while the app is in the final development stage.  This will help you get feedback and ideas from your future users. Make use of the highly visual social network to show your product to other app developers who may have some great suggestions for UX/UI improvements.

Step 3: Create Content

Create an informative content that clearly explains how to use your mobile app. This content should include blog posts, press releases, social media content, website copy, and email marketing copy.

Step 4: Record a Demo

The video is the most effective way to show off your app’s functionality, capabilities and how it works on different devices that demonstrate its features and workflow.

Step 5: Launch a Dedicated Site or Page

You can create either a dedicated website for your app or a page on your website and launch these pages even if your app hasn’t yet hit the market. It will encourage users to quick sign up for a download alert email once your mobile app is ready to launch.

Step 6: Choose an App Store

Choose a store to launch your mobile app to attract the possible number of downloads and ratings. After that, you will make lots of changes and improvements to your app and once your app is more established, expand it to other app stores as well.

Put download links to everywhere your blog, your website homepage, social media accounts and in your marketing emails etc. Hope this article help you launching your mobile app successfully to the market.

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Finding your Niche with Effective Web Design in Toronto


Developing a niche in today’s growing industry can help you to make your own spot in the world. And also help you attract clients. Niche businesses need to be carefully crafted to bring in web design.

Though the idea is simple enough, but it can be much more difficult finding and deciding on a niche to spend our career in.

In this post, we will look at some of the popular niches within this industry and how you can carved out a unique niche to suit their requirements. Or being a new to this industry how you can find their individual niche.

The most important question here is – how will a client know that person is the right choice?

Having an area, or sub-category, within the web development and design industry is essential to letting potential clients know they are the right choice for the specific job. Having a specialty means one can become perfect a certain type of website design.

Niche marketing is all about exactly who your audience are and knowing how to effectively aim your business at them.

The design plays an important role in this and really can make all the difference. Let’s look at some of the popular niches which can lead to a better career, better clients, and even higher rates.






Find the Right Web Design Company

Before the start, your niche journey, understand your customers. Building a niche business can help you select a professional company who has experience in the same field and can help you create a quality website that speaks for your brand.

For example, if you are a wedding photographer you may want to search a reputed company who has prior experience in building wedding sites.

Another benefit you can get with choosing your niche in the world of web design Toronto is that it can help you to reach you target people who will be using more concise searches as opposed to generalizing when it comes to google.

Building Trust, Belief, and Business

Niche businesses can perform better especially when they select effective web design Toronto that works best within the room.

Top Best Web Design Companies

As the web evolves, most of the organizations realized the need for a web design. There are thousands of free websites templates available in the market today who enables you to build a professional website with less programming skills required.

Top web design companies are charging huge sums of money from their clients for building websites using the same platforms for free, some use premium accounts for adding more functionalities and features to it.

We have found the most affordable and best way to build a site in most effective manner. With the help of these platforms, not only you can give a perfect look to your website but you can also host it on your own subdomain for free.

Let’s take a look at some of the best free or paid top web design companies on the internet.






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Website Design Company and SEO Services in Toronto

toronto web design company

The web design and SEO are the most critical part of any website.Only a professional firm can help you improve your brand image over the internet by creating a fully optimized site using famously noted tools.

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E-Commerce Websites: Guidelines for Better Navigation and Categories


Ecommerce Website Design


When creating an e-commerce website the first thing that comes to our mind is usability. If customers can’t find a product, they can’t buy it which lead to the decrease in sales. As a web developer, an ease of navigation should be your top priority. An improper or confusing navigation leave your customer frustrated and wondering what to do next.

The main purpose of an e-commerce website is to make sales. To encourage the audience to make a purchase you need to improve the product-finding experience. In this article we will cover the guidelines for better navigation, how users find and select products on e-commerce websites and category navigation during the web design phase.

Don’t Make Parent Categories Shallow

Make sure that parent categories a part of the product hierarchy and be clickable Create different category for different goods like denims, tees, shoes, bags, belts, sunglasses and more. The sub – categories should be logical and relevant to their parent category.

Put the Same Subcategory within Multiple Main Categories When Necessary

Introduce a “What’s New” Category or Filter

People want to explore what’s new in the store today–to be inspired or when buying a gift for someone. This is also a good way to highlight your products. Make sure the “what’s new” label is visible and clickable.

Suggest both Alternative and Supplementary Products

List all the alternatives and substitutes directly on the product page, Give suggestions of similar products to ease the browsing experience.

List “Recently Viewed Items”

Allow users to see their browsing history without requiring them to sign in.

Reduce the Number of Clicks

Ensure that the customers can find their choice of product in as few clicks as possible, this may increase the chances of buying it.

Link Images to the Right Product Page

Never link a specific product’s image to a category page, this will start the search process over again to find the same product

Always Include a Search Bar

The best way to let customers find what they want is to include a search bar. This is another way to navigation through your site.

I hope the article will help you on your website’s navigation capabilities. Keep in mind, a clear and effective navigation system is a key to any e-commerce business.

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