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Breaking Out Of the Box: Design Inspiration (2016)

Today, you will see some great designs that have the magic touch for digging up its goodness.

Let’s explore the art of photography, type, print as well as web design projects.

I love being a web designer, there have been a number of times when I feel bit uninterested and found myself simply going through the emotions instead of applying my creative part towards it.

Inspire of all, there are some days when ideas come naturally. Other days you struggle a lot to give something unique and beautiful. In that case, you are in urgent need of inspiration. Sit back, relax Let me help you to forget about these moments of pain and suffering and nurture your creativity.

Waves Link

The attraction for me in this shot is the smoothness of the curves and the beautiful variations of blue.



Clever usage of very minimal elements. Just a few lines and curves are enough to convince the thought of birds and waves. Even the curves of her backside are just right.


Bright Classroom Link

Illustration depicting the future of the classroom. all the things are done with elegance and  perfection. Designed by Sam Chivers.


“Demain” Children’s Book Link

Great color choices and expressions are what I noticed instantly. Perfectly fitting for a children’s book.


Odyssée Link

The design consists of repeating lines & bright colors. The shadows are also very strong and achieved with minimal color use.


Image source: Malika Favre

Happy Hour… Have A Coke Link

The design illustrated everything. What inspires me in here are the structure of the paper, the watercolor feel and the expressions on the faces.


Girl With Fruit Link

This one also has the water color palette in combination with ink. This illustration looks so real it’s like a photo.


Chihuahua In Courchevel Link

Every little detail in this illustration perfectly shows how the ladies in Courchevel behave. It’s all in the details .


Evian Illustrated Campaign Link

The atmosphere is just right for water. The hay rolls are a nice touch. This limited color palette fits the brand.


African Postcards Link

I always struggle with simplicity and this illustration is a great inspiration because the animals are so perfect. They only consist of a few lines and the rest is done by color.

G&M Website – Explore Link

This speaks to me because of the very inspirational and smart use of lines, colors and textures.


Hope the above web design inspirations help you to achieve your business goals. Tell us what projects inspire you the most? Share with us in the comments section below !


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How to Reduce the Bounce Rate of Your WordPress Website

How to Reduce the Bounce Rate of your WordPress Website

Before we dig into the details, let us first look at the definition of the term “bounce rate”.

A bounce is defined as the single page visit and bounce rate is a percentage of single-page sessions on your website .Whenever a user visits on your page, spends some time on it and then exit the page, they are a bounce. Even the best blogs have a bounce rate 80%. So the question is why we are trying to decrease it.

Low bounce rate means more page views. Which means more user engagement on your site. On the other hand, high bounce rate is referred to a poor user experience. You can make use of Google Analytics to determine the bounce rate of your site

Today, everybody is familiar with the benefits and features of the most popular content management system that is WordPress. And as the web advance, every business organization want to develop a blog or a website to promote their product and services to the targeted customers.

Make sure that you use your bounce rate measure as a barometer of how smoothly your WordPress blog is working.

Today the biggest challenge is to find the best solutions to decrease the bounce rate of your client’s website.

Enhance User Experience
If users have a difficult time navigating through your website, you will surely get a high bounce rate. Luckily there are many ways to improve the user experience of your website design

• Create Good Content
• Make your navigation intuitive
• Make your website mobile friendly

Improve your page loading speed – if you want the visitor to stick to your business, you need to make sure that your web pages load quickly.
You can compress your images and choose a lightweight theme in WordPress.

Update your outdated content
 Don’t use pop-ups… unless you’re using Bounce Exchange
 Write shorter paragraphs
 Make your site search more prominent
 Make your 404 page more useful
 Reduce your broken links
 Make all external links open in a new window
 Invest in a great design
 Make sure your website’s cross browser compatible
 Avoid Flashy Pop-Ups

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Keep in mind, you need effective strategies to reduce the bounce rate as it doesn’t reduce overnight.You can also read this blog Ten Things Every WordPress Plugin Developer Should Know

Web Development for The iPhone and iPad: Getting Started

toronto app development

According to the recent report, the 50 % of the worldwide smartphone market is covered by the iOS only. The apple iPad sale run from one to four million units in the first year.

Likewise, the iPhone operating system, and safari have become popular subject for web developers. Despite the emergence of powerful technology tools, it’s not easy to design and develop for IPhone and iPad, you need to figure out what tools and apps suite to become a great web developer.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to familiarize yourself with tools required to optimize websites and Web applications for this OS.

Thankfully, Safari on iPhone OS is a really great browser. Just like Safari 4 for the desktop, it has great CSS3 and HTML5 support. It sometimes vary between the iPhone and iPad. You can create a powerful, native-looking applications using HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

Here we have present three stages of building and optimizing a website:  design, coding and testing.

Before we start lets dig into some of the advantages of building a Web app over native apps

  • No Apple approval process or red tape, which is especially important given the terms of service dispute going on right now.
  • Optimizing your Web app for other popular platforms like Android and Blackberry with the same code is much easier.
  • You don’t have to learn Objective-C.
  • If you’re charging users, you don’t have to share revenue with Apple.
  • You get 100% control over the means of payment, promotion and distribution to users.


There are also some galleries elsewhere that showcase the finest in mobile Web design:

Apple Web Apps Listing

Mobile Awesomeness Design Gallery

CSS iPhone Design Gallery

Well Placed Pixels

Apple App Store


Before you start coding for Safari on the iPhone OS, understand how the browser works?


The tricky part of a mobile app development for iPhone and iOS is testing. Couple of tools can help you test these apps without any fuss.

Hope this article help you understand the basic fundamentals of web development for non –desktop platforms like iPhone and iPad. All of the tools help you improve the web experience on the platform.

Finding your Niche with Effective Web Design in Toronto


Developing a niche in today’s growing industry can help you to make your own spot in the world. And also help you attract clients. Niche businesses need to be carefully crafted to bring in web design.

Though the idea is simple enough, but it can be much more difficult finding and deciding on a niche to spend our career in.

In this post, we will look at some of the popular niches within this industry and how you can carved out a unique niche to suit their requirements. Or being a new to this industry how you can find their individual niche.

The most important question here is – how will a client know that person is the right choice?

Having an area, or sub-category, within the web development and design industry is essential to letting potential clients know they are the right choice for the specific job. Having a specialty means one can become perfect a certain type of website design.

Niche marketing is all about exactly who your audience are and knowing how to effectively aim your business at them.

The design plays an important role in this and really can make all the difference. Let’s look at some of the popular niches which can lead to a better career, better clients, and even higher rates.






Find the Right Web Design Company

Before the start, your niche journey, understand your customers. Building a niche business can help you select a professional company who has experience in the same field and can help you create a quality website that speaks for your brand.

For example, if you are a wedding photographer you may want to search a reputed company who has prior experience in building wedding sites.

Another benefit you can get with choosing your niche in the world of web design Toronto is that it can help you to reach you target people who will be using more concise searches as opposed to generalizing when it comes to google.

Building Trust, Belief, and Business

Niche businesses can perform better especially when they select effective web design Toronto that works best within the room.

Tips to Improve User Engagement on Your Website


It takes a lot of effort to drive traffic towards a website. So once you gain a click through, you need to keep it there long enough to see what you have in store for them.

Previously we have considered page views as the standard metric for measuring website traffic. As the web advance and the influence of social media made us to use different methods to measure popular content on the web.

We can’t understand why a particular piece of content is good or bad from page views alone – We need to find the psychology behind it because the user engagement is all about a bounce rate.

Today, one of the most challenging tasks for content marketers is increasing user engagement on a website or a blog or any other content.

In fact, a recent study found that successfully engaging your prospects through web content is crucial for capturing contact information and building relationships

Let’s start by looking at some important tips to increase the user engagement on your website.

  • Create Great content with the aid of Google Trends.
  • Contact your Hosting Company and upgrade your hosting plan (making pages load much faster).
  • Kill pages with bounce rates of 85% or higher
  • Improve website copywriting by reworking headlines on you top 5 most visited pages. Focus on specific benefits more than features!
  • Invest in Social Media – Focus on Facebook for the mainstream, LinkedIn within B2B markets and in Google Plus to make Google love your site
  • Improve the Google SERP SNIPPET for your homepage.
  • Add an email capture form on key pages to let visitors know when something cool comes out.
  • Plan your registration page to be smartphone friendly
  • Submit your site to and deeply understand the feedback.
  • Ask your user to feedback by using Opinion Lab and User Voice
  • Add images related to your content and make your existing images more engaging.
  • Make your site easy to navigate – a simple and well-structured navigation structure will stop you from losing visitors unnecessarily.

Hope this article will make you understand that how important it is for you to provide a positive user experience to your customers. An increased engagement on a website leads to increased conversion.


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Mobile Web Design Trends 2016


Mobile web design trends
Mobile App Development


As the web industry continue to evolve, the advanced web development skills are required to stay up to date. From the past few years, the amount of internet users who are accessing websites through smartphones or mobile devices has been increasing. As a result, every business realized the need of mobile –first website to hold the attention of their audiences.
Web designer and developer, all requires a strategic approach to achieve this. In this article, we will cover some latest mobile web design trends and useful resources so that before designing for mobiles, you should have plenty of information at your fingertips.
From the above, one thing is clear that the design and development must be rocked by new design trends which can deliver a smooth user experience to its clients and optimized conversions for them.

Mobile Web Design Trends LINK


Simplicity is key, so proving a few navigation options, a login link, headlines to a particular limit would be a better option. A mobile web design is scaled down options it’s important for visitors to have access to what is most crucial.


It is one of the important aspects of web design ,especially when we talk about smaller screens Ample white space can make you site helpful and easy to use.


Though the visitors wants to see a visually engaging website , However, when it comes to mobile design, excessive use of images often does more harm than good.


One of the major benefits of using a sub-domain is that it keeps everything on one domain.


Because of the simplicity of these mobile websites, the content displayed is highly prioritized.

Below we will discuss some common challenges we often face while designing for Mobiles


Important points to consider for mobile websites are –

• Clean, semantic markup
• Separation of content and presentation with CSS
• Alt tags
• Labeling form fields
• Use of headings
• Reduce margins and padding
• Pay attention to navigation
• Consider Color Contrast

Hope the above article will help you design a well optimized mobile website for the success of your next project. Keep in mind, a website should be user focused

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Top Mobile App Development Trends 2016


At present, a smartphone has emerged as a real friend in need for all of us. Whether it is about doing shopping, ordering your favorite food, hiring a cab, carry out a transaction or browsing any sites like Facebook, twitter etc. You can access any information available on the internet through your smartphone.

Mobile technology is the new buzz word across the globe which is growing very fast. The mobile applications have become an integral part of this digital system. In fact, these apps can take your business at much high level. Therefore all types of organizations are creating a separate mobile website or app to run their business operations in more effective and efficient way.

Additionally, we also have seen the emergence of gadgets like smart watches and Google Glasses that are compatible with smartphones and the related apps.

The increase in demand and popularity of mobile applications also brought many changes to the mobile app development industry, we have put together some latest mobile app development trends to look out for in 2016.

Faster Mobile App Development:

With the progressive demands, businesses are competing to launch their products and services faster their competitors.

Wearable Technology:

Most of the wearable devices developed so far were focusing on health and fitness.

Driven With Cloud Technology:

The cloud approach will help developers to build functionality that can easily be used on different mobile devices with similar data and features.

Security in Apps:

Security is the foremost thing since many mobile applications store sensitive and personal information on their servers with very little protection

Internet of Things:

Internet of Things, which will lead to an increased adoption of related products and a growth of the required ecosystem.

Location Based and Beacon Internet (Wi-Fi) Services:

This technology has already been adopted in iOS and is expected to follow in Android systems in the near future.

Other important trends include-

  • Mobile Banking, Payments and M-Commerce:
  • Improved Enterprise Apps:
  • Prioritizing User Experience through App Analytics and Big Data:
  • Marketing, Advertising and Purchasing within Apps:
  • Mobile Gaming:
  • Hybrid HTML5 Gains Momentum

Hope the article will help you to develop a more functional mobile app. If you are looking to do some coding or a Web developer looking for new opportunities. Write us in the comments section below.


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Four Ways to Build a Mobile Application: Native iOS


Mobile App Development Toronto


With the advancement of technology, the need for web-based applications is increased tremendously. Also, the number of users accessing internet surpassed desktop users. Most of the organizations deploying a quality website facilities via web applications to develop good impressions over the visitors across the globe. 

If you want to create your own web-based applications, you need several things related to the improvements and the development of your app prior to its launch.
Nowadays , the way to build these mobile apps is changing , The development depends on your needs only like how many backend systems you need to integrate, is your app going to be Native, HTML5, or a hybrid of the two. Well, you can have a range of advanced web application development tools and languages available in the market today.

For effective app development, you need to be technically updated .there are many ways to build a mobile app. The following are the most popular approaches:

  • native iOS,
  • native Android
  • PhoneGap
  • Appcelerator Titanium.

In this article, we will discuss the First one that is – Native iOS

Native iOS Development

Most applications in Apple’s App Store are written in the Objective-C programming language, and developers typically use Xcode to develop their applications.



To build an iOS app, you must use Mac OS X
The web development tools that you’ll need, iOS 7 SDK and Xcode 5, are free of charge, and you can run the app that you build in the iOS simulator, which is part of the iOS SDK. To run your app on a real device and make it available in Apple’s App Store, you must pay $99 per year.
“About Xcode,” iOS Developer Library, Apple
“iOS Dev Center,” Apple
“iOS Developer Program,” Apple


Choose File → New Project in the menu.



The application will have two view controllers – one for the main screen and one for the settings screen. Whereas, a navigation controller provides the navigation bar
Associating Storyboards with Your Code

hoose File → New File.
In the dialog that appears, choose “Objective-C class”:


In the next dialog, give your class a name and ensure that it inherits fromUIViewController:



So far, we have discussed the basic of developing a simple native iOS application. Hopefully, the article will help you in your next web app development

Top Tips for Creating Unique Character Designs

charater web design

There are numerous ways to make your website look attractive and appealing to web users. The unique and effective way to add visual appeal to any website is to use character design or character illustrations. It makes your website look captivating and inviting.

Character Design is a critical aspect for web designers. It looks very simple from far as simplicity usually represents the many hours of work that have gone into their development.

We love watching cartoon characters. From Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny and Betty Boop to Homer Simpson. They make our mind tension–free. But have you ever wondered how did they come to life? A lot of research has done before creating such characters.

But aside from clean lines and easily readable features, you have to learn the basic skills to create your own interesting cartoon character.

In this article. We have present some powerful tips for using these characters for your website design.

Pick a Theme

Creating a character design is like looking at a blank canvas as it becomes scary sometime, so picking a right theme can keep you cool under pressure.

Develop the Backstory

Imagine a beautiful story for your character as they go through each stage of life. From the moment they’re born into your world ’til their very last goodbye.

Give Your Character a Name and Personality

You literally birthed it from your creative consciousness only a few minutes ago. Now it’s time to give a name to it.

Pick a Species. Human, Animal, or Other?

Deciding whether your designs include a human or animal is a pretty big deal.

Tall, Short, Slim, or Husky?

The best way to add distinct personality to your character is to explore different body types.

Choose Colors Carefully

All colors attached with feelings and emotions. So choose wisely to set the mood for your designs.

Create Dynamic Poses

Make your character live. Creating dynamic poses is especially important when submitting work professionally.

Got Style? Clothes & Accessories

Express Character Emotions

2D or 3D?

Planned for your character design, how it will look like from all angles.


Hope this article will be a great help to you and will guide you step by step to easily learn how to create cool and interesting cartoon characters for your next web project.

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