Month: December 2015

Guide to Create a Responsive Web Design in 2015


Since the google shows favoritism to responsive web design, it has become a top priority for webmasters.The number of users accessing the internet through mobile phone has also increased, so does the need for responsive websites. When a user visits a web page, they want the site to adjust to that screen and resolution.

If you are looking to make your site more responsive, then don’t worry, creating a responsive website only involves a good web design strategy, changing a web page according to current industry standards so that it can fit the any screen type from where it is accessed. However, there are some other aspects we need to consider. For instance, a site must contain a tailored content and provide geographic specific information to its visitors.

There are some other ways to create an ideal responsive web design. Look at the different web techniques –

Creating a Multiple Fluid Grid Layout

With this design trend, content is enabled to adapt any screen size or run smoothly on any browser. in responsive design, the divs and other elements have to be positioned on the page in such a way that using only CSS, you can rearrange them to display best on each device category (phone, tablet, desktop).The content on the page takes up the pre-determined percentage with respect to the screen. A simple algorithm is used for calculating the percentage.

Multiple Fixed Layouts

In this technique, we make multiple layouts with fixed widths defined for different devices. The method empowers you to have more control over the appearance of the webpage on each screen. The only drawback is that you can’t do anything if there is any change in browser size. But new functions are arising in the market all the time.


Images should be sized properly from the smallest one to the high-quality graphics. You can resize your images within a fluid grid or implement with a CSS code. Use Adaptive Images, depending on your site’s needs and server-side capabilities so the web page appears clean and professional.

Mobile First Approach

Today, businesses are repeatedly pushed for a mobile first website design approach. Improving a user experience and scaling up through different screen types, gives a boost to your brand image so it’s best to stick with this ideal design and work your way up. Mobile websites are universally accessible.

Other Options

Other than that you can also opt for front-end frameworks that can be used to create a responsive website. Ultimately you need a website that can load and function quickly on devices.


Importance of High Quality Images in Web Design

website-design-image copy

High-quality images now become a part of good web design but the majority of the companies don’t keep records of such images, if you encounter with such problems, don’t worry. Web design companies now offering several solutions to their clients that can make your site looks the best.

Determine Your Needs

Every website has different quality of photos or graphics, analyze your website design about what type or amount of images that you need to enhance the appearance of your website .consult your web designer, about your requirements and choose good stock photos that properly represent your brand. At design stage follow some guidelines used in the photography:

  • Use professional photos
  • Photographs of individuals are great.
  • Avoid conventional and meaningless photos
  • Show positive images – smiling and happy faces that invoke positive emotions.
  • Make every photograph huge, avoid using lots of little photos

Stock Photos

There are many leading photo sites which provide stunning and inexpensive stock photographs. Depending on your site requirement, you can purchase them or buy a license so that you can use whenever you want to as they belong to you now.

Stock images are the best way of getting photos for your site also they are available at cheaper rates. Hiring a professional photographer and models, set up a perfect location to shoot a photograph for something conventional would be a tiring job for you. Or go for stock photos with that type of image is the best way to save the extra expense.

Hire a Professional Photographer

Don’t simply put the irrelevant images on your site if you have an e-commerce website or you might want photos of your products and warehouse or your staff, then selecting a professional photographer would be smart choice to enhance the quality of your website as it will reflect your image. Through imagery, we can influence our prospective customers. Taking pictures from a professional photographer is going to be exclusive and unique for your one can use them without your permission.

Hire a Graphics Designer

There are some websites that use only graphics as images. To build a strong brand and graphics hire a graphic designer who creates and assembles images, typography, or motion graphics with a view to improving the appeal of your business. They can make your website more professional and improve returns on digital marketing.

Start collecting high-quality images for building a great website. A website design Toronto-based company can assist you to create a website as you want. They make sure your images fit well into the modern web design as great photos will have a positive impact.

Google Shows favoritism to Mobile Friendly & Responsive Sites


Previously we needed a computer to visit any website but now from last ten years mobile phone has surpassed desktop for any search query, still many of you didn’t realize the importance of having a mobile-friendly or a responsive website.

Today. Many of our internet markets are seeing 70 percent or more of their traffic coming from mobile, or a tablet. So for any business owners who have an online store, a responsive website design is must whether the traffic is coming via PC, smartphone, iPod Touch, Android device, iPad etc.

What does Google need to do with it? These search engine now show up mobile friendly websites higher on a list of search term results.

Here are 6 ways to make your website more responsive?

Avoid Flash

Avoid using slideshows, videos or images that don’t work properly without Flash support. Not only it does not supported by most mobile devices but also can hurt your SEO. Because Google can penalize your website in the search result if it contains technology not supported by mobile devices.

Eliminate Need for Zooming

We are currently working on a web design that doesn’t need to zoom in or out. If the visitors not able to read your website content properly it will produce inaccurate it can be very annoying for a user to deal with. Think carefully of content, text, images, and icons you are going to put on your web page keeping in mind the all screen size.

Space Links Apart

Google’s new ranking algorithm scoring a site that offers both easy-to-navigate and easy-to-read smartphone devices’ user experience. Avoid making the text too small to read or messy click-able items up. It’s irritating for clients to continuously hitting the back button due to click on the wrong thing. Make it simpler for them to discover and tap on what they need.

Use Correct Scaling

Ideally, when we design a website, we want our design to automatically scale down to fit the screen as much as is available, neither users nor Google like the horizontal scrolling. Put your important information at the top as vertical scrolling is fine.

The Use of CSS Styles

If you want to improve your search ranking, create a responsive web design for all screen types and sizes. Use CSS or other technologies to change the style of a web page based on the current requirements of any device on which the content is executed. You can change anything from the display type to resolution for better user experience.

Take Mobile-Friendly Test

Analyze your URL with the Google’s “mobile friendly” test that whether or not it meets Google’s criteria for more responsive webpages. It will give you some idea of how to design and code properly for every single device available. Also, keep in mind that we should constantly work with the new devices, technologies to improve the user experience.

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