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How to Make a Mobile App


How to Make a Mobile App

Do you want to make a mobile app? Do you want to swim with other entrepreneurs to improve your web presence? If yes, then you have come to the right place, today we will give you some tips on how to run your app on success road.

I have been working for more than 5 years with entrepreneurs, helping them to build and market their mobile apps.Here is a guide to help you get started.

Step 1: Get an idea or a problem.

A solid idea makes your app a worth for use and determines the potential of its execution. Before you start, you must describe your idea well to sell you services.

Step 2: Identify the need.

Validate your app idea using Google Keyword planner tool to look for the demand for your can also get the idea by the past successes of similar programs. You can also create a landing page to seek user interest through an email sign up.

Step 3: Lay out the flow and features.

Now you’ve got a great idea that people want to use. It’s time to detail your thoughts onto a document, you can use a wireframing tool. Design the flow of how the user will navigate the app including all the features you have imagined. This will help the developer to understand you needs and expectations.

Step 4: Remove non-core features.

Now the document is ready, start looking for the unwanted features that you can improve to improve the core value of your app idea. This will low down the initial cost of development.

Step 5: Put design first.

Many entrepreneurs don’t care much about the design of their app, their focus is mainly on just developing an app.But design is the most important aspect as it can improve the user experience on the app, So hire a developer who puts design first.

Step 6: Hire a designer/developer

For a successful app, you need to hire a reputed and prominent mobile app development company that has great design and a solid development plan. You can refer their portfolio, they could be the right one for your product.

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15 Useful Tools to Make Web Development More Efficient

Developing an aesthetically pleasant website is not an easy task for developers especially when they need to submit the work in less time, it can becoming frustrating.

Therefore, they must identify the tools to make their development process faster and more productive and find ways to incorporate them into their designs. Luckily there are some free tools available that can help developers design the websites more efficiently.

The whole set of tools can greatly increase your web development speed, reduce debugging and testing time, and improve the quality of the output. The list contains some advanced tools such as ajax, jQuery, CSS, flash animation, some are really useful because it can help to develop a website without any knowledge code like PHP, CSS, jquery, HTML.

1. CSS Grid Builder

CSS Grid Builder is an online GUI for customizing the YUI Grids CSS. It allows you to rapidly generate a CSS-based, web-standards compliant page layout in a matter of minutes

CSS Grid Builder - Screenshot

2. CSS Sprite Generator

CSS Sprite Generator - Screen shot

Using CSS sprites is an excellent way to improve web page performance by reducing the number of HTTP requests needed for rendering images.

3. Blueprint: A CSS Framework

Blueprint - Screenshot

Blueprint reduces the amount of CSS code you have to write by including common styles that developers typically use such CSS reset and page layouts

4. CSSTidy

CSSTidy is an open source application that parses, fixes, and optimizes CSS code to reduce file size .

5. logicss: CSS Framework

logicss - screenshot

logicss is a collection of CSS files and PHP utilities aimed at reducing web development time.

6. ___layouts

layouts - screenshot

___layouts is a very simple CSS framework that can be used to create web-standards compliant page layouts.

7. Clean AJAX

Clean AJAX - screenshot

Clean AJAX speeds up Ajax development by cutting down the amount of code you have to write .

8. Sajax

Sajax (which stands for “Simple Ajax Toolkit”) is an open source framework developed to speed up the creation of Ajax applications .

9. DOMTool

DOMTool was created to cut down the time it takes to code DOM structures.
10. JavaScript Code Improver.JavaScript Code Improver is a simple, no-frills application that allows you to quickly tidy up and format your JavaScript.

10. JavaScript Code Improver

JavaScript Code Improver

JavaScript Code Improver is a simple, no-frills application that allows you to quickly tidy up and format your JavaScript.

11. JSUnit

JSUnit - Screenshot

JSUnit is a unit testing framework for JavaScript.

12. Test plugin for JavaScriptMVC

Test plugin - Screenshot

The Test plugin for JavaScriptMVC is another excellent JavaScript testing framework to help make development speedier

13. Venkman: JavaScript Debugger

Venkman - Screenshot

Venkman is a JavaScript debugging environment for Firefox 2, Netscape, and Seamonkey. It gives you a GUI for stepping through JavaScript code and setting break points.

14. Firebug

Firebug - Screenshot

It is a Mozilla Firefox extension that gives you plenty of web development tools and features.

15. Web Developer extension for Firefox

Web Developer extension - Screenshot

Web Developer extension can rapidly validate your XHTML, find JavaScript/CSS errors, visualize a web page’s structure, and quickly fill out web forms for testing purposes and much more.

Hopefully the article is helpful for web developers round the globe to speed up their website design work in a more efficient manner.

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7 Material Design Web UI Frameworks

Ever since the material design has introduced, many designers and developers round the globe creating an experiment with its animated elements, colors and layout principles.

The main focus of material design is to bring uniformity to its UI on all platforms including web. If you would want to build your website or mobile app using one of the material design frameworks, you must understand its principles first and then start creating material design compliant UX /UI and CSS.

Below we have listed some super helpful free to use material design Web UI frameworks that will help you to speed up your website design workflow.

Material Design Frameworks for the Web

One of the popular frameworks are themes based on the popular web UI framework, Bootstrap.

1. Materialize


Materialize is a modern responsive front-end framework based on Material Design. For use in your web projects, it provides an option of both CSS as well as source SCSS files, along with JavaScript, material design icons, and Roboto font.

2. Material UI


Material UI is a CSS Framework which implements Google’s Material Design. It gives support for components such as Buttons, Dialog, Dropdown menu, Icon buttons, Inputs, Switches, Toolbar and more. You can find Material UI on GitHub too.

3. Paper Bootswatch for Bootstrap


The paper is a bootswatch theme for the Bootstrap framework.

4. Bootstrap Material


Bootstrap Material is another theme for Bootstrap framework and provides all the components included in Bootstrap. It supports for 740 original Material design.

5. Leaf BETA


Leaf is CSS framework based on the Google’s material design. While still in beta, it has an extensive list of components such as buttons, cards, sliders, menu, tabs etc.

6. MUI CSS Framework


MUI is a lightweight HTML, CSS and JS framework for building sites following Google’s Material Design guidelines. It has no external dependencies.

7. Polymer Project


Google’s Polymer Project is a web framework in which most of the components are quite mature. Polymer aims to support all major modern browsers.

All frameworks are available as open source. Are you looking forward to adopting these designs in your web project? Let us know in the comment section.

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15 Best ecommerce Website Templates – Trending in 2016

Today, creating an online store from scratch is a great way to improve your conversion rate and increase your business revenue. This is especially if you run a small business, it is an effective way to expand your business by selling your wide range of products.

When it comes to creating an e-commerce website, a well-designed, responsive and eye-catching template all you need to meet your website requirements.

WordPress is very popularly known software which contains thousands of free responsive themes and template design with additional e-commerce functionalities to reach people beyond your regular business location. These features include:

• Responsive and mobile friendly design
• Template that allows for featured product images
• Cart that automatically updates
• Customizable design options
• Product variation features
• Customer support included

Whether you are looking to build an e-commerce store or a professional web development firm that is helping your client with e-commerce setup, choosing a quality site template help you stand out from the crowd.

In this article, we have created a list of some of the bestselling most popular site templates that are trending in 2016:

1. Porto – Ultimate eCommerce Magento Theme

Porto is a responsive Magento template featuring 18 different homepage layouts including a full-width layout. Your products can be displayed in a variety of grid column sizes; from two to eight and individual category pages can draw your visitors in with a gorgeous slideshow or a parallax background.

Porto eCommerce Magento Theme

2. Journal – Advanced Opencart eCommerce Template

Journal 2016 Opencart eCommerce Template

3. Ultimo – Modern Responsive Magento Theme

Ultimo 2016 Fluid Responsive Magento Template

4. Warehouse – Responsive Prestashop 1.6 Theme + Blog

Warehouse - eCommerce Prestashop Theme 2016

5. Ella – Modern eCommerce Shopify Theme

Ella Modern eCommerce Shopify Template 2016

6. Your store – Stylish Shopify Template Design

Yourstore 2016 Stylish Shopify Template Design

7. Fastest – Multipurpose eCommerce Theme Design

Fastest - 2016 eCommerce Theme Design

Hope you found this article helpful. You can also find all of these features packed into our eCommerce website templates. Know more about Ecommerce Web Design here.

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