Rules of Basic Web Design Criteria


Nowadays it is quite easy to find designers for designing a website. To find a professional designer, who is aware of web design practices, is a very tedious task. If you want to place yourself in the top of search engine result, you’ll need to stay up to date with the latest web standards in the field.

Following the best practices on every interface design project will put you way ahead of your competitors who simply fire off designs without going through the variety of details that go into the creation of an interface. Here we will discuss some rules of web designing are as follows:

1. Know Your Audience:

The most important thing is that how to create a fantastic website that meets the user expectation. If you are planning on launching a website, know your target audience, what they want in future? What do they accept from you?

If you want to attract the audience, you must give a clear picture in front of them. If you’re a bit lost at this point, analyze the competition in your way that may help you kick start the creative web design process. Having the knowledge of websites which are at the top in your niche, what colors and layout they are using may help you create something unique.

The designer chooses the design patterns that user are comfortable with and easily put those into your website, which you can then differentiate with your own take on their need. Once you’ve identified your audience, you can test how your design plays out among them and take their feedback into account. Actionable feedback from your desired target audience is incredibly valuable, so get it and use it!

2. Keep Things Simple and Consistent:


The user shouldn’t need a map to navigate through your app or website, and as an interface designer, you must provide your user an easy way to browse through the pages and guide them where they need to go.You can also use many elements such as colors, typography, feedback messages, and visual hierarchies and so on.

3. Implement a Visual Hierarchy:

The most important aspect of an interface should be highlighted to attract visitors, and with the help of an endless array of the design process, we can achieve this effect.

4. Make Good Use of Typography:

Another decorous way to establish a visual hierarchy is through the use of typography. This is not a simple task to choose a font. Every font has a personality, so to speak, and your picks should be influenced by your audience.

5. Use Color and Contrast Properly

Picking out the right colors for any given design is a science itself. In this article, we are talking about the choice of colors that grab the attention of the user. Generally, colors can be used for visual hierarchy, establish a relationship between elements and for grabbing the attention of the user. When working on web design project we need to maintain some uniformity of colors to improve the overall user experience.

As the web industry continues to grow and with the explosion of web-enabled devices, we need to learn more about the responsive web development in order to improve the user experience and to grow our business as well.

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