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Top Best Web Design Companies

As the web evolves, most of the organizations realized the need for a web design. There are thousands of free websites templates available in the market today who enables you to build a professional website with less programming skills required.

Top web design companies are charging huge sums of money from their clients for building websites using the same platforms for free, some use premium accounts for adding more functionalities and features to it.

We have found the most affordable and best way to build a site in most effective manner. With the help of these platforms, not only you can give a perfect look to your website but you can also host it on your own subdomain for free.

Let’s take a look at some of the best free or paid top web design companies on the internet.






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Are you looking for a web design company to complete your next web development project? We have collected some great examples for you who have the ability to translate a brand’s vision into an innovative design.

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Why Responsive Web Design is a Small Business Must Have?


responsive website design
Responsive Web Design


As the internet evolves and technology advances, more and more people are accessing the internet from their smartphones than PC’s or laptops. It allows them to browse anything from news, images, checking emails, local café’s to their favorite websites and even do online shopping while stuck in a traffic jam.

If you run a small business, you should be very carefully when creating a website that meets your requirements. A site can reflect your image following the latest web design trends. Even the most of the organizations have realized the need for a responsive web design.

In fact, a recent study shows that over 80% of the population search for local businesses on their mobile is extremely important that the website is mobile-friendly. Therefore, one of the most important marketing goals for businesses today is to make themselves mobile.

What exactly a responsive web design mean?

Put simply, a responsive web design can be viewed exactly the same across a wide range of devices. This means that content, images, calls to action etc. are adjusted perfectly to fit properly on any mobile device, such as a tablet or smartphone. It basically prevents the user having to zoom in and out, and scroll the page from left to right which can be very frustrating experiences for any Web user.

The importance of responsive sites:

Better User Experience

The main reason for why responsive design is a small business must have – It improves the user experience. It allows users to easily read and navigate on your site.

However, Google has recently giving priority to mobile optimized sites. It is of no use if people can’t find you on google. Unfortunately, the most local searches are conducted on mobile devices.

Can Increase Conversion Rates – Responsive design has the ability to convert visitors into customers.

Easier to Manage – it is easier to manage only one SEO campaign if you have one mobile optimized site rather than a separate desktop and mobile site.

With a mobile optimized responsive website, you can stay ahead of Competition

From the above we have concluded that the future of the business seems to lie increasingly within tablet and smartphone use. Hope this article, help you to understand the importance of responsive web design for small businesses.

Creating Content Wireframes for Responsive Web Design

When creating a new website or redesigning one, designers need to define a site strategy about the information they will provide to their visitors.

As information architects, they need tools that help clients understand the structure of their content. One tool we have found particularly helpful is wireframes. Basically it is a visual representation of your user interface. You can use wireframes to communicate four things.

  • Navigation Structure
  • Layout – the page hierarchy and placement of elements on the screen.
  • It gives an idea to content writers of how content will be placed within the design.
  • Functionality– describes how product will work, and how it interacts with the people using it.

In this article we will focus on the methods used in wire framing process for responsive web design and how user will access the content.

Introducing the Content Wireframe


The concept of content wireframe is think about the user, not the technology. It establishes an information hierarchy and flow.

Creating Content Reference Wireframes

You can create the content reference wireframes with a code editor such as Coda or Adobe’s Brackets. But for those who are let say code challenged, we will choose illustrator that will fit you best as its artboards enable you to start with a mobile-first approach and grids allow for consistency of design. You can easily create precisely sized boxes for wireframe.

A Mobile-First Approach to Content Wireframes

For a mobile first approach, use illustrator to focus on the important part of the content. Let’s create 5 viewports to layout the foundation for a responsive content wireframe


In Illustrator, create five new documents with the following widths and heights (in pixels):

320 × 800

768 × 1200

992 × 1400

1224 × 1600

1440 × 1800



In the 320 pixel-wide document, make seven unlined boxes filled with neutral gray.


Place text over each box — in descending order: Header, Main video, Video 02, Video 03, Video 04, Video 05 and Footer.


Make the main video box a little bigger than the others to indicate its priority. If necessary, scale down the header and footer — but keep them full width.


Now that you have relative sizes and labels, copy the boxes to the other documents or artboards. They represent the existence of content, not the content’s precise sizing or spacing.

In the above article you have seen that, you can create content wireframes by simply deconstructing the websites into their basic building blocks.

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Website Design Company and SEO Services in Toronto

toronto web design company

The web design and SEO are the most critical part of any website.Only a professional firm can help you improve your brand image over the internet by creating a fully optimized site using famously noted tools.

We offer a wide range of web services in Toronto that includes website designing, custom WordPress development, web application development, E-commerce solutions and search engine optimization services.And focuses on the responsive layout so that website can easily fit on any screen size which is the top most requirement to be on top of Google’s search result page.To know more, visit this website

You can also found this article on – 

Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Website Design Company



Frustrated! Because your website is not generating sales. Here we will discuss all you need to know about your website. Creating a simple website to represent your brand will not work until and unless you understand the key principles of a web design.

Creating a unique and creative website is the best way to expand your business and sell your wide range of products online easily and quickly. A good quality website can generate more sales, improves conversion rate and build a truth with the online visitors.

Creating a website from the scratch is not an easy task, you need to hire an experienced and reputed website design agency that can help you develop a website strategy for your business to grow and generates more revenue for your company.

The visibility of any website is an important factor, make sure that it is fully optimized so that user can find it on the internet.

A professional website design company understands your needs and requirements of nay web project. It makes sure that the website generates traffic and eventually increase the sales for your organization.

Hiring a website designer also saves your money and a lot of time, as you will be able to run your business instead of being bogged down with website coding and design.

Seeking the help from those professional companies is proved to be an intelligent move in order to achieve your business goals. The benefits of a website are immense and critical for the success of a business

Now let’s cover some of the benefits of hiring a professional web design company –

  • Organized and Strategic Approach
  • Advanced Functionality
  • Compatibility with latest Mobile Technologies
  • Compatibility with Technology Upgrades
  • Develop Quality Content
  • Avail SEO services
  • A Reliable Website
  • Web Analytics
  • Support and Maintenance


From the Web page creation, functionality of the design to the deployment and maintenance of the project, they take care of everything following the latest web trends and methodologies with the help of skilled and professional designers.


You can take help from a recommended Toronto based web development company who can develop a site that has all the features you need.

E-Commerce Websites: Guidelines for Better Navigation and Categories


Ecommerce Website Design


When creating an e-commerce website the first thing that comes to our mind is usability. If customers can’t find a product, they can’t buy it which lead to the decrease in sales. As a web developer, an ease of navigation should be your top priority. An improper or confusing navigation leave your customer frustrated and wondering what to do next.

The main purpose of an e-commerce website is to make sales. To encourage the audience to make a purchase you need to improve the product-finding experience. In this article we will cover the guidelines for better navigation, how users find and select products on e-commerce websites and category navigation during the web design phase.

Don’t Make Parent Categories Shallow

Make sure that parent categories a part of the product hierarchy and be clickable Create different category for different goods like denims, tees, shoes, bags, belts, sunglasses and more. The sub – categories should be logical and relevant to their parent category.

Put the Same Subcategory within Multiple Main Categories When Necessary

Introduce a “What’s New” Category or Filter

People want to explore what’s new in the store today–to be inspired or when buying a gift for someone. This is also a good way to highlight your products. Make sure the “what’s new” label is visible and clickable.

Suggest both Alternative and Supplementary Products

List all the alternatives and substitutes directly on the product page, Give suggestions of similar products to ease the browsing experience.

List “Recently Viewed Items”

Allow users to see their browsing history without requiring them to sign in.

Reduce the Number of Clicks

Ensure that the customers can find their choice of product in as few clicks as possible, this may increase the chances of buying it.

Link Images to the Right Product Page

Never link a specific product’s image to a category page, this will start the search process over again to find the same product

Always Include a Search Bar

The best way to let customers find what they want is to include a search bar. This is another way to navigation through your site.

I hope the article will help you on your website’s navigation capabilities. Keep in mind, a clear and effective navigation system is a key to any e-commerce business.

iMediadesigns offer advanced e-commerce website design and web development solutions from small to large industries and help them increase their conversion rates and make sure that every single customer of yours will have a smooth sailing experience on your website.

Content for Website Design


Web designers perform the most difficult task that many of us unable to do that are providing a sophisticated design layout for the web, which improves the user experience as a whole. As the web discipline has evolved, designers have realized the need to fill more space and hold more content than ever before. In this article we will see we can manage the page content including other factors that come into play like typography, white space, element positioning.

Within a second, uses make an image about your brand, but many businesses don’t put a lot of attention into collecting and creating content that they’d like to display on their website. So it is your responsibility to provide an intuitive content, with photos, staff bios, company history to hold visitors for long.

To achieve this, a designer must create a content strategy that holds a project together, fit it in its proper place to produce a beautiful and effective results. Articulate the why, where, who, what and how of the content:

  • Purpose- Whyis it important to convey this message?
  • Context – Whereon the website should the message appear?
  • The Precision of the message-Whois the audience?
  • Clarity – Be clear what to say?
  • Persuasiveness – Howdo we convey the information for maximum impact?

You can hire a professional web designer to create any type of content as per your project requirement.It is always a good thing to display their own content for their website design. While collecting these things determine the audience, word count, and messaging priorities.

still if you don’t have any idea about the content to provide, you can check out some top notch competitors sites related to your industry else your designer may get an idea during the consultation process, like if you get excited about certain aspects or one of your products or services during an interview process, they can bring out the same excitement on your website.

A good web designer is able to create an appealing content and optimized it for search engines.Optimizing a content can make you visible on the web. After all, it doesn’t matter how good your content is, if no one is able to find it.Make sure your web designers or writers understand what their roles are.In this article, we’ll concentrate on the relationship between content strategy and design in creating, organizing and displaying Web copy.

iMediaDesigns is a full-service web design and development  digital agency that helps brand create unique identity and successful marketing campaigns.

Basic Elements for your Ecommerce Website Design

ecommerce website design

There is no doubt that e-commerce has transformed the retail industry, also, the demand of e-commerce website is increasing due to the increase in internet sales. It is now becoming a better option to traditional retail shops. The shopping experience at a physical store cannot be replaced by an online shop. On the other, there are different ways or basic elements that can make your e-commerce website more engaging and appealing and improve your online experience as well.

WordPress is one of the popular CMS platforms which provide all the necessary tools required to create and develop an online store. While it is still used as a blogging platform by a number of websites.

The template or layout –

There are a number of free or premium themes available, choose an ideal one for your online store that represents your business.

Keep a consistent and easy to use Design –

Once you choose a theme, don’t mix things, it will irritate users, the content, design and navigation together should bring the right user experience.

Clear Logo – 

A clear and remarkable logo is considered as an element of trust of the company and organization.

Shopping Cart –

Whether you are selling any type of products or services, this feature should be included on your website for the users to access and buy stuff from your online store. Shopify provides a reliable, secure shopping cart solution for your e-commerce website.

Integration with popular payment systems –

Offer multiple payment options to your customers the most popular option is PayPal as lots of customers have pay pal accounts and they prefer to pay by this rather than enter credit or debit card details into some other website.

Social Media Links –

We all know the importance of social media in our lives, there are many popular social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and so on. Even if you have a small, start-up business, you should utilize these social networking sites.

Integration with postal services for shipping –

This is important if you plan on selling physical products and shipping them out yourself. There are tools available that will help you integrate your checkout system with Canada Post or a courier of your choice for shipping and handling.

Easy access to the user administration panel –

The WordPress allow you to make any changes to your site yourself. You can easily learn how to access the user administration panel.

Customer database maintenance –

Keeping a customer’s database up to date is one of the most important things in e-commerce. There are certain tools available for creating an opt-in page and keeping track of customer logins/signups as well.

Conclusion LINK

Hope, the above article will help you creating your e-commerce website design a more powerful weapon to grow your business and improve your conversion sales.

40 Excellent Wireframing Tools in Web design


Wireframing is one of the most crucial steps of any mobile or web development project. It is a visual representation of the user interface, content, layout and hierarchy that helps to understand the potential problems early in the process.

With wireframes, it is easy to communicate ideas, reduce project cost and focus purely on functions and user interactivity.

It allows you to work on the basic navigation and layout structure of the website before the actual process start. Without wireframes, you may face multiple problems and ultimately failing to meet the client requirements. As an information architect, it outlines the basic details of each page that help both designer and developer understand the functionality of each page.

The whole process gives you an opportunity to make changes prior to the actual starting of visual design and save your precious time. But if done inefficiently, it can create bigger headaches for both the client and the designer.

Below we present some tools and resources for creating better wireframes. Also reviewing wireframes will give an idea of how viewers will experience your website design.

  1. Wireframing Articles

Wireframes Magazine

Wire Frame Your Site

Ajax Wireframing Approaches

The Importance of Wireframes in Web Design and 9 Tools to Create Wireframes

Get Wireframing: The All-In-One Guide

The Importance of Wireframing

Pwireframing: Paper Wireframing

Wireframing Over the Shoulder

Framing the Problem

“I Need to See It”—Wireframing for a Richer Web

I ❤ Wireframes

Website Wireframes

Content Wireframing: Ducks Meet Row.

How to Create Website Wireframes

Shades of Gray: Wireframes as Thinking Device

  1. Wireframing and Mockup Tools

Pencil Project

Web Design: Top 5 Wireframing Tools



Hot Gloo

Building a Website Wireframe in Illustrator

Balsamiq Mockups

Wireframing Web Applications





InDesign CC

Fireworks CS6

Photoshop CC






iPhone mockup




The above-mentioned tools and resources will help you to improve your wireframing process. Which wireframing tool are you looking to use? let us know in the comments section below.

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