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Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress

Today, the influence of social media is great .it is considered as the most important element in digital marketing.it is the second biggest source of traffic on the web after search engines. Some of the famous social networking sites include Facebook, twitter, google plus and LinkedIn have established their brand by grabbing a lot of traffic towards their site.

People are always finding a ways of sharing their views, status, pictures and articles. Having a social media icon integrated into your website plays a big role in attracting social media traffic. If your site is built on WordPress platform, then, fortunately, there are a number of free social media plugins available for WordPress to choose from.

Sociable | Download
Cost: free


Sharebar | Download
Cost: free


In the settings, you can customize the width, background, and border of the menu, as well as set its exact position by specifying a left and right offset.

Share This | Download
Cost: free


Lockerz Share | Download
Cost: free


Shareaholic | Download
Cost: free



Slick Social Share Buttons | Download |
Cost: free



Social Toolbar | Download
Cost: free


InsiteBar | Download
Cost: free



Cost: free


Cost: free


The above-given plugins help you to improve your website traffic.

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9 Best Examples of Effective Mobile Website Design

Nowadays, it is essential for every business to make a website that looks good, work and perform better on your small screen devices. The success of any functional website depends on its degree of responsiveness that is the ability to adapt to the screen in which it is being viewed.

Research has shown that 91% of traffic comes from mobile devices, therefore it is an opportunity for every business owner to make a positive impression on its visitors. The responsive website is the best way to stand out and to execute the mobile design. Since Google is giving priority to mobile –friendly websites, developers, and designers are considering the mobile functionality to create the best user – experience when browsing on mobile.

A responsive Web Design helps you keep your customers or users coming back to your website for more business. To create a responsive website keep these principles in mind:
Consistency: Provide visitors with the same tools and features for browsing and filtering across all devices.

Use space intuitively: Focus the visitor’s attention on the most important elements Make your site clean and give a clear CTA (call to action – for example, “buy!”).
Put the viewer in control: Provide device specific user interactions and give the viewer the ability to choose what kind of user experience they want.

Here is a list of some beautiful websites which really nailed it on mobile web experience.

1) Shutterfly


2) Google Maps


3) Typeform


4) Adrian Zumbrunnen


5) Elf on the Shelf


6) BuzzFeed


7) Huffington Post


8) Nationwide Insurance


9) Zappos


Hopefully, these responsive design inspirations help you create an engaging and user-friendly website with required functionality and information.

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How to Reduce the Bounce Rate of Your WordPress Website

How to Reduce the Bounce Rate of your WordPress Website

Before we dig into the details, let us first look at the definition of the term “bounce rate”.

A bounce is defined as the single page visit and bounce rate is a percentage of single-page sessions on your website .Whenever a user visits on your page, spends some time on it and then exit the page, they are a bounce. Even the best blogs have a bounce rate 80%. So the question is why we are trying to decrease it.

Low bounce rate means more page views. Which means more user engagement on your site. On the other hand, high bounce rate is referred to a poor user experience. You can make use of Google Analytics to determine the bounce rate of your site

Today, everybody is familiar with the benefits and features of the most popular content management system that is WordPress. And as the web advance, every business organization want to develop a blog or a website to promote their product and services to the targeted customers.

Make sure that you use your bounce rate measure as a barometer of how smoothly your WordPress blog is working.

Today the biggest challenge is to find the best solutions to decrease the bounce rate of your client’s website.

Enhance User Experience
If users have a difficult time navigating through your website, you will surely get a high bounce rate. Luckily there are many ways to improve the user experience of your website design

• Create Good Content
• Make your navigation intuitive
• Make your website mobile friendly

Improve your page loading speed – if you want the visitor to stick to your business, you need to make sure that your web pages load quickly.
You can compress your images and choose a lightweight theme in WordPress.

Update your outdated content
 Don’t use pop-ups… unless you’re using Bounce Exchange
 Write shorter paragraphs
 Make your site search more prominent
 Make your 404 page more useful
 Reduce your broken links
 Make all external links open in a new window
 Invest in a great design
 Make sure your website’s cross browser compatible
 Avoid Flashy Pop-Ups

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Keep in mind, you need effective strategies to reduce the bounce rate as it doesn’t reduce overnight.You can also read this blog Ten Things Every WordPress Plugin Developer Should Know

Beginner’s Guide to Creating a WordPress Website

wordpress guide
WordPress Website Development

Before you start thinking about a domain name, design, and color for your website, you must decide what platform you’re going to build your website? Back in 2004, websites were build using HTML and CSS, but it took a lot of time to become a master of those skills.Most people still think that creating a website from scratch is difficult or requires a lot of coding and designing skills.

WordPress made this easy for all of us and even for those who know little about programming languages. Today quarter of all websites is running on this platform. Also, it is considered as the most popular content management system (CMS) online being highly reliable, secure and easy to use.

Today’s article is for those who are new to WordPress. Here you will be learning about installing WordPress, working with domains, managing content and using some useful plugins and themes to secure your website.

All about Domain Names

A web address that identifies your site to others. Having your own domain is better than having your site on someone else’s domain. Let’s analyze a URL


HTTP:// is the protocol that tells browsers how to retrieve data.

blog. is a subdomain which segments your site into different bits and pieces.
mywebsite.com is the domain name. .com is called a top-level domain


Hosting is a place where all of your website data is stored. This is the most important part of any website, you must look for the host who supports WordPress. On the other registering a domain means you’ve gained legal ownership of a piece of Internet real estate. You can register your domain name with the same company you’re hosting your website with. Keep your domain name short and easy to write.For details see here – web development services.

Some reputed WordPress specific hosting providers are – WP Engine, Page.ly , ZippyKid, outstandingSETUP.

Installing WordPress

Depending on your account type, you might be able to add any number of WordPress installations to your account.

Creating a new website on Kinsta
Choosing a Theme and Plugins

There are plenty of WordPress themes and plugins are available – free or paid.You can install a plugin to perform a single task. While themes add the visuals for the front page.

Keeping WordPress Secure

• Always keep WordPress and all plugins and themes up to date.
• Always use strong passwords, and change your passwords every couple of months.

The above article will help you to create a perfect website using the noted CMS tool that is WordPress which is highly reliable, secure and easy to use for beginners.