Best Web Design Practices for a Great Website

Best Web Design Practices

A website with a unique look, feel and functionality can convert its visitors into customers. But to create an attractive website, you need to follow web design best practices.

However, different web projects have different needs, there are still some web design principles and practices that can be applied to all sites. Therefore, our web designers are considering these factors like company’s brand, color scheme, image compression, functionality, browser compatibility, screen resolution, mobile compatibility, navigation and website architecture for creating a great website.

In this article, we will review some of the best design practices on a redesign and what to avoid when designing a website.

1. Think about Conversions –

Keep in mind, you must design beyond just the aesthetics. You want a website which is not only visually attractive but gives visitors some actionable reason – – to find certain information or to accomplish a particular task. Each aspect of the site’s design plays a vital role in conversion –

Images – The images should be of high quality and unique.
Color – Is the color scheme attractive and eye-catching?
Text – write intuitive, unique and informative content
Navigation – Make sure you navigation should be clear and smooth.

2. Compelling Layout Design –

A great layout design attracts the visitor’s attention and maintains it for return visits. A compelling layout includes the basic design elements such as consistent header, logo and navigation elements and the good contrast between text and background. It is best to create a customized structure with features that attractively showcase the content

3. Logo in the top left –

Have a clickable logo in the upper left corner of every page on the site.

4. Main navigation across the top –

Always put the main navigation in the header at the top of every page, making horizontal top-level navigation a web design standard.

5. Balanced Use Color, Graphics, and Multimedia –

Mismatched color combinations can break the website. Always use three to four colors at most and text color must contrast well with the site’s background color, Make sure the multimedia you use enhances the site’s look and serve a clear purpose.

6. Easy, Error-Free Navigation –

For a successful website design, it is essential that all your navigation hyperlinks work properly and are not broken. A good navigation direct visitor’s through the site based on their interests.

7. Good Overall Functionality –

A good overall functionality means all internal and external hyperlinks work, all form functions as expected and there will be no JavaScript errors.

Hope this article help you to improve usability and user experience.

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