Best Practices to Design a Solution Oriented Wireframes


Before we start the actual process of web design, we must visualize our ideas on a piece of paper to fully understand the structure of its content. One tool we have found particularly helpful is wireframes.

Wireframing helps to express our idea to others as well as to develop our concept apart from the initial level so that we can easily understand the relationships between the elements and flow of the web application such as navigation, imagery and calls to action.

The audience can make suggestions and change the things to the best output. If the visual appearance is not as appropriate as they want, there is a problem with the wireframe. Make sure it is solution oriented.

Less Colors: Use colors for a purpose.

Colors may distract people, so it is better to use minimal color variations.

Consistency is the key to everything.

Your wireframes are designed to give a smooth experience not distract. One of the best ways to do this is to be consistent with things like typography, spacing, and delivery.

Use actual content

Content is kind anyway! It’s a part of designing process. Write your own story and use contents that are very similar to the actual contents. It will only help you understand the client and their needs.

Never wire alone.

Ideas have the potential to achieve greatness. It’s always good to share your ideas with other experts in the same industry.

Practice non-attachment.

Don’t get too attached to your wires, always entertain your client with the frequent changes.

Communicate functionalities and interactions statically. 

Wireframing is the best tool than prototyping as it helps to communicate functionalities and interactions statically.

Set clear expectations. 

It doesn’t matter how good you work is, if the client can’t listen to you. The best way to meet their expectation is to communicate them clearly, early, and often.

Be selective and keep it simple.

When you try to mix elements of one idea into another, things will not for you. Give each idea their own platform.

Control the conversation.

Support your wireframes by controlling the conversation.

Hope this article help you to determine the right tools to solve the web design and development problems. Above steps can help you to design a solutions-oriented wireframe.

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