Breaking Out Of the Box: Design Inspiration (2016)

Today, you will see some great designs that have the magic touch for digging up its goodness.

Let’s explore the art of photography, type, print as well as web design projects.

I love being a web designer, there have been a number of times when I feel bit uninterested and found myself simply going through the emotions instead of applying my creative part towards it.

Inspire of all, there are some days when ideas come naturally. Other days you struggle a lot to give something unique and beautiful. In that case, you are in urgent need of inspiration. Sit back, relax Let me help you to forget about these moments of pain and suffering and nurture your creativity.

Waves Link

The attraction for me in this shot is the smoothness of the curves and the beautiful variations of blue.



Clever usage of very minimal elements. Just a few lines and curves are enough to convince the thought of birds and waves. Even the curves of her backside are just right.


Bright Classroom Link

Illustration depicting the future of the classroom. all the things are done with elegance and  perfection. Designed by Sam Chivers.


“Demain” Children’s Book Link

Great color choices and expressions are what I noticed instantly. Perfectly fitting for a children’s book.


Odyssée Link

The design consists of repeating lines & bright colors. The shadows are also very strong and achieved with minimal color use.


Image source: Malika Favre

Happy Hour… Have A Coke Link

The design illustrated everything. What inspires me in here are the structure of the paper, the watercolor feel and the expressions on the faces.


Girl With Fruit Link

This one also has the water color palette in combination with ink. This illustration looks so real it’s like a photo.


Chihuahua In Courchevel Link

Every little detail in this illustration perfectly shows how the ladies in Courchevel behave. It’s all in the details .


Evian Illustrated Campaign Link

The atmosphere is just right for water. The hay rolls are a nice touch. This limited color palette fits the brand.


African Postcards Link

I always struggle with simplicity and this illustration is a great inspiration because the animals are so perfect. They only consist of a few lines and the rest is done by color.

G&M Website – Explore Link

This speaks to me because of the very inspirational and smart use of lines, colors and textures.


Hope the above web design inspirations help you to achieve your business goals. Tell us what projects inspire you the most? Share with us in the comments section below !


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