Web Development for The iPhone and iPad: Getting Started

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According to the recent report, the 50 % of the worldwide smartphone market is covered by the iOS only. The apple iPad sale run from one to four million units in the first year.

Likewise, the iPhone operating system, and safari have become popular subject for web developers. Despite the emergence of powerful technology tools, it’s not easy to design and develop for IPhone and iPad, you need to figure out what tools and apps suite to become a great web developer.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to familiarize yourself with tools required to optimize websites and Web applications for this OS.

Thankfully, Safari on iPhone OS is a really great browser. Just like Safari 4 for the desktop, it has great CSS3 and HTML5 support. It sometimes vary between the iPhone and iPad. You can create a powerful, native-looking applications using HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

Here we have present three stages of building and optimizing a website:  design, coding and testing.

Before we start lets dig into some of the advantages of building a Web app over native apps

  • No Apple approval process or red tape, which is especially important given the terms of service dispute going on right now.
  • Optimizing your Web app for other popular platforms like Android and Blackberry with the same code is much easier.
  • You don’t have to learn Objective-C.
  • If you’re charging users, you don’t have to share revenue with Apple.
  • You get 100% control over the means of payment, promotion and distribution to users.


There are also some galleries elsewhere that showcase the finest in mobile Web design:

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Before you start coding for Safari on the iPhone OS, understand how the browser works?


The tricky part of a mobile app development for iPhone and iOS is testing. Couple of tools can help you test these apps without any fuss.

Hope this article help you understand the basic fundamentals of web development for non –desktop platforms like iPhone and iPad. All of the tools help you improve the web experience on the platform.

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