Tips to Improve User Engagement on Your Website


It takes a lot of effort to drive traffic towards a website. So once you gain a click through, you need to keep it there long enough to see what you have in store for them.

Previously we have considered page views as the standard metric for measuring website traffic. As the web advance and the influence of social media made us to use different methods to measure popular content on the web.

We can’t understand why a particular piece of content is good or bad from page views alone – We need to find the psychology behind it because the user engagement is all about a bounce rate.

Today, one of the most challenging tasks for content marketers is increasing user engagement on a website or a blog or any other content.

In fact, a recent study found that successfully engaging your prospects through web content is crucial for capturing contact information and building relationships

Let’s start by looking at some important tips to increase the user engagement on your website.

  • Create Great content with the aid of Google Trends.
  • Contact your Hosting Company and upgrade your hosting plan (making pages load much faster).
  • Kill pages with bounce rates of 85% or higher
  • Improve website copywriting by reworking headlines on you top 5 most visited pages. Focus on specific benefits more than features!
  • Invest in Social Media – Focus on Facebook for the mainstream, LinkedIn within B2B markets and in Google Plus to make Google love your site
  • Improve the Google SERP SNIPPET for your homepage.
  • Add an email capture form on key pages to let visitors know when something cool comes out.
  • Plan your registration page to be smartphone friendly
  • Submit your site to and deeply understand the feedback.
  • Ask your user to feedback by using Opinion Lab and User Voice
  • Add images related to your content and make your existing images more engaging.
  • Make your site easy to navigate – a simple and well-structured navigation structure will stop you from losing visitors unnecessarily.

Hope this article will make you understand that how important it is for you to provide a positive user experience to your customers. An increased engagement on a website leads to increased conversion.


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