Top Mobile App Development Trends 2016


At present, a smartphone has emerged as a real friend in need for all of us. Whether it is about doing shopping, ordering your favorite food, hiring a cab, carry out a transaction or browsing any sites like Facebook, twitter etc. You can access any information available on the internet through your smartphone.

Mobile technology is the new buzz word across the globe which is growing very fast. The mobile applications have become an integral part of this digital system. In fact, these apps can take your business at much high level. Therefore all types of organizations are creating a separate mobile website or app to run their business operations in more effective and efficient way.

Additionally, we also have seen the emergence of gadgets like smart watches and Google Glasses that are compatible with smartphones and the related apps.

The increase in demand and popularity of mobile applications also brought many changes to the mobile app development industry, we have put together some latest mobile app development trends to look out for in 2016.

Faster Mobile App Development:

With the progressive demands, businesses are competing to launch their products and services faster their competitors.

Wearable Technology:

Most of the wearable devices developed so far were focusing on health and fitness.

Driven With Cloud Technology:

The cloud approach will help developers to build functionality that can easily be used on different mobile devices with similar data and features.

Security in Apps:

Security is the foremost thing since many mobile applications store sensitive and personal information on their servers with very little protection

Internet of Things:

Internet of Things, which will lead to an increased adoption of related products and a growth of the required ecosystem.

Location Based and Beacon Internet (Wi-Fi) Services:

This technology has already been adopted in iOS and is expected to follow in Android systems in the near future.

Other important trends include-

  • Mobile Banking, Payments and M-Commerce:
  • Improved Enterprise Apps:
  • Prioritizing User Experience through App Analytics and Big Data:
  • Marketing, Advertising and Purchasing within Apps:
  • Mobile Gaming:
  • Hybrid HTML5 Gains Momentum

Hope the article will help you to develop a more functional mobile app. If you are looking to do some coding or a Web developer looking for new opportunities. Write us in the comments section below.


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