Top Tips for Creating Unique Character Designs

charater web design

There are numerous ways to make your website look attractive and appealing to web users. The unique and effective way to add visual appeal to any website is to use character design or character illustrations. It makes your website look captivating and inviting.

Character Design is a critical aspect for web designers. It looks very simple from far as simplicity usually represents the many hours of work that have gone into their development.

We love watching cartoon characters. From Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny and Betty Boop to Homer Simpson. They make our mind tension–free. But have you ever wondered how did they come to life? A lot of research has done before creating such characters.

But aside from clean lines and easily readable features, you have to learn the basic skills to create your own interesting cartoon character.

In this article. We have present some powerful tips for using these characters for your website design.

Pick a Theme

Creating a character design is like looking at a blank canvas as it becomes scary sometime, so picking a right theme can keep you cool under pressure.

Develop the Backstory

Imagine a beautiful story for your character as they go through each stage of life. From the moment they’re born into your world ’til their very last goodbye.

Give Your Character a Name and Personality

You literally birthed it from your creative consciousness only a few minutes ago. Now it’s time to give a name to it.

Pick a Species. Human, Animal, or Other?

Deciding whether your designs include a human or animal is a pretty big deal.

Tall, Short, Slim, or Husky?

The best way to add distinct personality to your character is to explore different body types.

Choose Colors Carefully

All colors attached with feelings and emotions. So choose wisely to set the mood for your designs.

Create Dynamic Poses

Make your character live. Creating dynamic poses is especially important when submitting work professionally.

Got Style? Clothes & Accessories

Express Character Emotions

2D or 3D?

Planned for your character design, how it will look like from all angles.


Hope this article will be a great help to you and will guide you step by step to easily learn how to create cool and interesting cartoon characters for your next web project.

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