Useful Photoshop Tools and Techniques for Your Workflow


Today, many web designers favor Photoshop and considered it as their primary tool for designing. Therefore, Photoshop has become a powerful application for photo processing and image manipulation.

During the print era time, it was abundantly used by the digital image processing professionals. But now with the advancement in technologies and methodologies, Photoshop also became web friendly and many useful tools and techniques have been included. Using these handy tools, actions, plugins and template we can save the time for solving regular tasks. With the better professional toolset we can spend more to focus on the actual design process and even speed up our designing task.

In this article, we will explore some useful tools and techniques to make our work smoother in Photoshop-

Useful Photoshop Tools 

Mr. Stacks

The script would be useful for a series of animations, storytelling elements in a design and advertising.


Photoshop Tych Panel



Pixel Proliferation: A Toolset For Managing Screen Resolutions

This tool will help you to manage screens resolutions more easily.


Generating CSS positions for Sprites

A Photoshop plug-in that generates sprites with your given CSS file. You can also create hover and click effects with the help of jQuery.


Golden Crop
Golden Crop is a Photoshop Script making cropping with respect to division rules Photoshop CS2, CS3, CS4 or CS5 Works on Windows and Mac.


Browser UI
The Browser UI is an action that creates a browser window around any size


Open With Photoshop 0.6
An add-on for Firefox to open up any Web image with Adobe Photoshop via a single and quick mouse click.


foxGuide: Photoshop Guides Inside Firefox

A Firefox extension that displays horizontal and vertical guides.


Modular Grid Pattern: create a modular grid in Photoshop, Fireworks and GIMP
Modular Grid Pattern which helps you to create a modular grid in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Fireworks, GIMP and other applications.


Workspace import/export script for Photoshop
This script enables simple importing and exporting of Photoshop you can use it to migrate workspaces from CS4 to CS5


Adobe Photoshop Scripts
Trevor Morris provides more than a dozen of free, easy to modify scripts for Adobe Photoshop.


The Photoshop Scripting Community Forum

PS-Scripts is a community for Photoshop scripting and automation.


Hopefully, the above article will help you improve your design skills as well as your professional website design workflow so that you can stand ahead of your competitors in the market by quickly releasing products and services.


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