Free High Quality Ecommerce Templates

Today, many eCommerce website owners are looking for a variety of options for selling their products and services and powering websites and shopping carts due to increase in internet sales. Out of which, though the custom design is always a good choice but templates are a popular option for those who wants to save their money and time.

A template allows you to browse your products by categories and brands. Also, a customer can choose a necessary colour, size and quantity of items. Premium quality templates are easy to find but they can be expensive, on the other side free high-quality templates are difficult to find.Thus we have done a thorough research for you, and in this article, you will explore some of highest quality free eCommerce website templates specifically for WordPress, Prestashop, osCommerce, Magento, Zen Cart, CubeCart, and CRE Loaded.

1. WordPress Templates

Crafty WordPress Theme | Demo | Download


2. osCommerce Templates

Cosmetics Store | Download

Computer Store 

3. Magento Templates

Electronics Store 3 | Download from eCommerce-Themes


4. Zen Cart Templates 


5. Acadame | Download from


6. Clean Blue

A collection of free CubeCart 3 Skins. More free Cubecart skins.

7. CRE Loaded Templates

Electronics Store | Download


8. General E-Commerce Templates

The following templates were created for the purpose e-commerce but integrated them in your e-commerce solution of your choice. Templates with valid HTML code are marked.

Clothes Collection | Download


Online Movie Store | Download (valid HTML)


Books Online | Download (valid HTML)


Beauty Company | Download (valid HTML)


In today’s article, we have presented some high-quality eCommerce website design templates, you can use and alter them easily according to your necessity. Most of them are used by all smart WordPress developers and designers all across the globe.

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