“This Is How We Built It” Web Development Case Studies

We know the web design and development industry is all about sharing knowledge and experience as the technology is always evolving and being a part of such a great and useful learning environment we need to grab it.

In this article, we will discuss the whole process of creating a professional website from the scratch. From the designer point of view, we will explore the case studies “how we built it” which helps not only potential customers to learn about the principles of the company but also developers and designers to learn from each other. It is interesting to see how will they design, create, built, work, play and achieve what they are desire to.

We have featured some design elements, examine the full service and related technical challenges. Understating the failure and success stories .design workflow made or rejected.

Here is a quick list of the categories covered:

  • Illustration, Graphics and Logo Design
  • Typography
  • Usability
  • Advertising, Promotion, and E-Commerce
  • Redesigning Elements and Features
  • Complete (Re)branding and (Re)design
  • Content and Storytelling
  • Technical Challenges and Solutions
  • Workflow and Optimization
  • Last Click

The whole designing process can take a very long time that includes creating a company logo, images, content, layout, navigation based upon the business. Above all the main element for any website is the functionality of the design.

Illustration, Graphics and Logo Design

Illustrator Full Spectrum Spirograph,” Veerle Pieters
Pieters talks about her experimentation process with spirographs.


A Systematic Approach to Logo Design,” Adham Dannaway
Icon design can be time-consuming. Dannaway shows how to systematically approach a new logo design.



Novel Constructions: The Making of a Typeface,” Christopher Dunst
Dunst shares the process behind the creation of the “Novel” typeface.



Social Login Buttons Aren’t Worth It,” MailChimp
Social login buttons are used by many apps today. MailChimp shares its own experience and considerations in using social login buttons.

Advertising, Promotion, and E-Commerce

This study includes some tactics and lessons learned during the process of launching an app.

Redesigning Elements and Features

This study is about how the company make the whole brand and styled its blog categories in a unique way.

Rest are rebranding and redesign which can take the website to next level, content and storytelling can improve the user experience as whole, creating a portfolio that tells a great story, optimizing results, take responsive website design ideas seriously and last click that convert leads into sales. Hopefully, from this article, you can learn how to write a great case study yourself.

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