Things to Consider When Choosing the Perfect CMS


Selecting a content management system can be a problematic task for some people who doesn’t know the actual requirements for their project and often seduced by the fancy functionalities that they will never use.

As every tool has some pros or cons, you need to choose a system that reflects your company’s goals, objectives and needs. What features you should look for in a CMS? How then do you establish your list of requirements?

In this article, we will present ten things you need to consider first when choosing the perfect CMS.

  1. Core Functionality

When you think of CMS, you only think of creating, editing, deleting and organizing pages. But this is not necessary that all content management systems do this. So choose carefully keeping in mind the basic functionality you need and always test the system for usability.

  1. The Editor

The editor is one of the most important and used features within the system. It is the interface through which you can add or modify the content. WYSIWYG editor is the traditional editor but you need the editor which can be able to handle external assets, including images and downloadable files.

  1. Managing Assets

Managing files and images can be a challenge in CMS. Poorly designed systems are low in accessibility and usability. Ensure that the system provides a <alt> attributes to images and basic image editing tools. Carefully deals with uploading and attaching PDFs.

  1. Search

Search is an important element of any website.Your search functionality must possess these things: freshness, thoroughness, speed, scope, ranking and customization.

  1. Customization

You need a tool that DFSDF allows flexibility in the way to add content, retrieved and presented.

  1. User Interaction

If you want to get some feedback for your user. You CMS must provide that functionality such as chat, forums, comments and ratings. Look for tools which can help us for communicating with customers

  1. 7. Versioning

The system is able to roll back to a previous version of a page if something went wrong.

  1. 8. Multiple Web Site Support

Nowadays you need a different version of your website for mobile users, so it’s a must have feature for me. Choose a system that allows you to run multiple websites from the same installation.


Considering these features in mind you can select a CMS that is worth for buying or will able to meet your website development needs. Also, consider these issue such as licensing, support, accessibility, security, training and much more. Don’t spend on a content management system that no longer meets your needs.

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