The SEO for Responsive Website


Since the Google shows favoritism to user-friendly responsive websites. Today, most of the designers and web developers are engaged in designing a site which is adaptable to each screen size to improve the user experience.

But when it comes to SEO, can a responsive layout improves the ranking in the SERP’s. For this, you need to take every bit of your client site seriously to make it search engine friendly.

To fix all this you need to focus on SEO issues associated with many responsive websites. Why Responsive read here –

  • Google Loves Responsive
  • One Website, One URL
  • Responsive helps fight a High Bounce Rate
  • User Experience is enhanced
  • Let’s discuss in detail here-

Is The Website Indexed?

Obviously, if your site isn’t in search engine index .it will be invisible for people. See for yourself with a simple search, or verify it in Google’s Webmaster Tools if you use it.

Use no follow in the robots.txt to hide pages you don’t want to index.


Is The Website Crawlable? 

If a site is to be indexed, Google must be able to crawl the website — that is, to follow a link to every unique piece of content on your site and then store that new URL

Is The Website Readable Without Images, Flash Or JavaScript Enabled?

A responsive website design must be text based and information rich. It must include the term people use when searching.


Is The Website Easy To Link To And Share? 

The more we can do to facilitate linking and sharing, the better off we’ll be in search results. As most of the facebook users use mobile to post or share any story.

Does The Website Load Quickly?

It not only affects the website performance but can be dangerous to SEO as well. Use effective tools to run websites faster, including the PageSpeed Insights tool.

Does The Website Contain Duplicate Content?

Ensure that search engines can understand which pages are intended for users and which pages are just copies of canonical pages.


Clearly, creating a responsive website is not enough to improve websites online presence. Ensure that the site contains all the ingredients to be responsive. As Google gives high priority to user-friendly responsive web design so keep in mind, above mentioned tactics and really make your own responsive website competitive in search results.

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