7 Helpful In-Browser Web Development Tools


Every web browser includes a useful set of web development tools which are commonly known as add-ons or extensions. These tools can do a lot of powerful things from inspecting the loadedHTML, JavaScript or CSScodes, editing, debugging, access FTP source files to showing off the changes .some are specially designed to evaluate the accessibility of your website. In This article, we explore how to use the basic functions of these in-browser web development tools.

You’ll find tools for popular Web browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer. You may find a variety of tools discussed here useful for your next project.


Authors: Joe Hewitt, Jan Odvarko, Rob Campbell, Firebug Working Group

Firebug is a free tool and a Firefox extension that allows you to inspect, edit and debug website code and Document Object Model (DOM) and JavaScript within your browser.Before this developer use alert () function to find out what line the code breaks.

You can turn styles on or off or add styles on the fly.


Web Developer 

Author: Chris Pederick

Web developer extension found on both chrome and firefox it provides a toolkit for viewing, editing and debugging websites.It’s helpful for exploring and understanding large CSS files and projects. It gives the control over any site and provide us a visual representation of how a site is built on the front end.”



Author: Yahoo

YSlow is an extension for the Mozilla Firefox browser.It simply allows you to inspect the elements in detail which help you to improve your website performance and recommends solutions.



Author: Alex Sirota, Isoart Labs

Colorzilla is a useful extension for firefox which identifies what colors are used on a Web page and what looks good for your web design, it creates a palette for you and lets you adjust the colors or copy/paste them elsewhere.


Internet Explorer Web Developer Toolbar

Author: Microsoft

IE web developer toolbar gives you access to many helpful options by editing the Web page’s DOM and HTML directly in the browser, for setting breakpoints, seeing the call stack and exploring the other Web page components.


Fiddler Web Debugger 

Author: Telerik / Fiddler Web Debugger

Fiddler is a powerful Internet Explorer extension. It will help you to know exactly what happens when a client requests a Web page, upon start, Fiddler checks automatically for new versions.



Author: Simtec Limited

HttpWatch is another HTTP traffic viewer and debugger for Firefox and Internet Explorer.



We have discussed some powerful in-browser tools that may help you to make your Web development process easy. With them, we can solve many web development problems we are facing today. Some are specific to particular Web technologies find out what’s your favorite web development tool, let us know in the comments section.

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