Creative Use of Video in Web Design: Background Videos

A stunning video or animation in the background have become an integral part of any web design. Ever since the designer were given the ability to add such video content in HTML5.These dynamic video has taken the place of static images in the website background. As it has become the best way to attract visitor’s attention also improves the time they spend on the site.As a result lead to more interaction between the website and the user.

We all know the video has been one of the powerful and efficient tools of visual presentation. You can direct a right message to a large number of audience. Using videos in the background or in a header is the excellent way to present a product or brand. Therefore creating professional videos are becoming popular in web design industry.

It gives you an opportunity to show off your skills by telling a unique story and conveying the right message. Here one of the important points to consider is the performance of such videos which largely depend on the user’s internet connection speed.

However they work well in portfolio websites, fashion websites and promotional campaigns.We have discovered some great websites with full-size video background which will amaze you. Also, see how they use the type of content to create such visually appealing and beautiful videos.
Fashion Websites: Clothes, Shoes, Jewellery


Uniqlock is an advertising campaign for Uniqlo, one of Japan’s largest casual wear retailers. By including the video dance routines, time-signal music and clock utilities, the designer’s craft a 24/7 unique web development experience using the background video technique. It won one of six Black Pencils in the online advertising category at the D&AD Awards 2008 in London.

Uniqlock in Background Video Showcase

Gudrun og Gudrun

Gudrun og Gudrun is a hand-made clothing brand The designers use background video throughout the website to showcase their fashion show. The site is a bit older than others, yet still interesting and attractive.

Gudrun og Gudrun in Background Video Showcase


Valentino is an international clothing company based in Italy. Although video elements play throughout the website, the home page does not automatically start a big video until you select one navigation item. The design is cleaner, user-friendly, better.

Valentino in Background Video Showcase

Random Dance

Random Dance, an internationally renowned British dance company, puts background video on full display on its home page. As you move deeper in, a smaller video player is used, which fits the flow and structure of the website.

Random Dance in Background Video Showcase

I Surf Because

The “I Surf Because” site is about the digital marketing campaign. Here, it uses a background video on the home page to push its campaign. An interesting point here is sometimes videos pause, show a tagline allowing for a comfortable reading and then continue again.

I Surf Because in Background Video Showcase

Beverages and Food Websites


LemonAid is an organic drink made entirely of a few organic, fair-trade ingredients, and it uses a retro-styled background video to tell everyone what it’s all about. the concept is fairly simple, and the implementation works well for the product. One major drawback: the font size is way too small.

LemonAid in Background Video Showcase

You might have noticed that the article is not about the technicalities of those cross-browser video backgrounds. What’s your opinion of video background in web design? Share with us in the comments section.

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