A Journey through Beautiful Typography in Web Design

The first impression is the last impression, your typography can improve user experience a lot because before a user read any word or clicked a button, an impression about your company has already made in their mind. It has a potential to tell a story behind the website and what you are about. Basically, the personality of your website or a way of communication between you and a user. You need to realize- what do you want to convey to a user? What do you want them to experience when the page loads?

Typography is defined as the art and technique that make the written language more readable. The typeface you used will determine how people respond to your website.

In this article, we will present websites that have established their brand by the typography to engage the user. Keep in mind, a good web typography is not only about the visual appearance but also the speed and performance of your web design. Let’s have a look.


The look of the website in not just about the typeface but the way it changes the process of communication. You would usually see axial typography on printed posters, which can be effective. On this website, the font choice is simple but the best part is the background pattern, which directs the movement of the user’s head from side to side as they read the text.



The website gives a dynamic feel, created by the different elements in it. The name Atelier” means “a workshop or a studio” and it is in a bold, aggressive yet elegant typeface, setting the tone for the design. The rhythm for the website established by the diagonal lines and the running slideshows grabs your attention. However, the main background image  is large 2560 x 5330 pixel, a central graphic which is 2.4MB in size.



The website is in the old-style design yet looks modern and updated. The website is for a vineyard and hence lived up to its vintage feel with new Technology for graphics. It is interesting to see how the shadow behind “Russian River” moves with your mouse and the text is embedded as images.


Max Di Capua

The layout and typography rely on modern sensibilities. The front page is sparse, with sans serif fonts which are easy to navigate and read. The typography is simple and widely spaced. However, this allows the design to breathe. The page design is responsive to the use of overlapping objects and placeholders.


I Shot Him

I Shot Him delivers photographed welcome message, this website is the way to see the innovative use of the design elements, although the home page is not as interactive but the personality of the web design studio has depth and texture that reinforces a creative energy. This coupled with the hand-painted signs, and retro graphic style, interesting navigation, hover effect makes it visually very strong.



This site renders the beautiful photographs of the museum’s contents.The name Rijksmuseum seem larger than life and rich in typography. The main categories are interesting with their unique innovative design. The page size is less than 1MB and is well optimized.



The journey is not about what you want to say but how you say it. Depending on your objectives, you can experiment more and get creative with these different typefaces. We can be playful with the large letters, or get quirky and unique with handwritten type. Keep in mind, choose a typeface which is readable because there’s no use in showing off type that no one can read. Type can improve your whole designing experience when sets rhythm and creates an atmosphere.

It’s easy to attract your targeted users with large Retina-ready background images. But speed and performance of a website are also very important factor as Custom Web fonts can slow down loading times, finally, if you’d like to explore more interesting websites with a heavy focus on typography

iMediaDesigns is a full-service web design and development digital agency that helps the brand create unique identity and successful marketing campaigns.



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