A little journey through Small and Big E-commerce Websites

As eCommerce is growing enormously from past few years. Both small and big eCommerce business owners are trying their best to give best possible experience to users. For this most business owners are willing to hire a designer and a Web developer to help them create the perfect eCommerce site.

Online shopping has become a convenient way to buy anything without any fuss. But remember people don’t spend their money online easily or it can be time-consuming and unpleasant.You need to find a way to be useful or stand out your web design from the rest. Here we will explore some eCommerce websites website that creates pleasant online shopping experiences.

Interesting E-Commerce Websites


Bonobos’ shopping experience is smooth. The design is elegant and clean. Good typography and use of subtle colors help us focus on the products and features. When a new item is added to the cart, a sliding sidebar on the right, directing customers to either keep shopping or check out. And the most important thing is the favicon – a bananas icon!










Martina Sperl

Martina Sperl’s website features polished photography of her products, with a simple navigation panel fixed on the right side of the page. The bold hover effect shows the item number and price boldly in a large sans-serif typeface. You can also view detail and get a 3-D view of the furniture. You can click on the “heart” icon to express your love for a product. Powered by WordPress.



Well, this online shop could be made for fun, however, quite snappy indeed. You can quickly customize each product with features displayed using an accordion pattern. The shop has rainbow-alike horizontal lines which still fit quite well into the design.


Indigo’s site is a great example for those who have a relatively large inventory .they can have a quite nice user experience. Though navigation in the sidebar looks interesting, present at the bottom of each product page. As you add an item to the cart, the item is visually added to the shopping cart in the bar. The best part is it provides a discount if you are willing to invest some time into creating an account on the page.



Walmart’s main navigation has been hidden behind the “Shop All. The reviews of each item can be rated as being helpful or not quite helpful. As an item is added to the cart, a lightbox appears directing customers to proceed to the checkout. The checkout is well-designed across resolutions, informative architecture, good layout, and good responsive redesign.



Sometimes it’s perfectly enough to provide a consistent visual style that guides the customers through the checkout. Since there aren’t many products in the shop, each item is prominently highlighted.



Here shopping cart and navigation is on the left which is great. Because the eye follows the top left to right pattern, making it more natural for users to keep track of the items in their cart.

Banana Cafe

The website has crazy 3-D hover effects across the entire shopping experience. The blocks rotate in different directions. The audio and video in the background complement the overall functionality of the site.The hover effects display a number that you would use in the contact form at the bottom of the page,


You can also explore some other interesting online stores like Sew, Big Cartel, Greats, Le Col De Claudine, Orlando, Indochino and so on. Being a part of web development company, you need to create a store your users feel as comfortable as possible. We know spending hard earned money is difficult.It is important to improve overall shopping experience, latest design/UX techniques, quick checkout process, product description, good typography etc. to convert leads into sales. How can you optimize your checkout process? Let us discuss in the comments!

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